A Word from pastor mark

Dear Missionary,

When looking for missionaries to support we have two criteria: Effectiveness and Relationships.

I'm looking to start a conversation and build relationships with missionaries that are effective, have history, and a vision of how God has called you to be effective. What does effective mean -- it means you measure yourself? You're probably thinking, "How do I measure my effectiveness?"

Well here's a few thoughts but ultimately you tell me:

How many people are you serving?
Salvations? Baptisms? Who knows? Etc?

How long have you been in country?
Not there yet? 5-10 years?

What is unique about you & your ministy?
I'm a digital artist for Jesus? (Yes, we support one)

How do you spend your money?
We buy kids food? A people Bibles?

So please don't answer these questions they just examples -- I don't know your ministry so I have no idea how to measure your own effectiveness. You tell me. What questions are you asking yourself, so that we know, you know how effective you are? If your are curious about our current missionaries click here to see.

Let's talk...I'm excited about what God is doing in your mission field.

Discover Missions, 
Pastor Mark

WE know you think about money way too much

Yes! We know. There's no glamor in being a missionary.

It's tough. You leave your friends, family, and church.
Yes! We know. You really don't like fundraising. You are called to be a missionary not a "moneynary".

missionaries we support 

We support missionaries who align with Victory's Church's mission statement to:

Invite people to discover Jesus in everyday life.

Therefore we support missionaries in these four areas:

a.) theological education     b.) justice & humanitarian aid
c.) unreached people groups     d.) the Arts (fine art to digital media)

Yes, that's my ministry!
Here's our decision making for Mission's Funding:

STEP 1: 
Are you effective? 
(Ok, we know you are saying "Yes". So how do you measure your own effectiveness? You tell us...)

STEP 2:  
Are you an Assemblies of God Missionary?
(Do you have oversight and accountability from somewhere? There are no islands in ministry.)

Download and fill out this SURVEY (It’s NOT an application) to start to the relationship.


Attach your SURVEY and send your strategic plan, idea, concept, 
something to Pastor Mark Shanks.
(We need to know, that you know what you are doing.) 

Read the FINE PRINT below.  

Our Missionaries & our Travels


The Fine Print

Pastor Mark Shanks, (Associate Missions Pastor), Xela, Guatemala.

Pastor Mark Shanks, (Associate Missions Pastor),
Xela, Guatemala.

Pastor Mark Shanks is your missions contact.

We always meet with missionaries though we don't always support every missionary. If you call the church (scroll down) you are guaranteed a conversation, a coffee or a lunch with a Victory pastor.

You will be referred to Pastor Mark for support.

We do missionary "windows" or you can share in a small group on a Wednesday Night but not the entire service. 

We don't do Sunday Morning "windows" or services unless we support you.

Oh, don't start off by sending us your account number...Let's see how effective and relationship driven you are. 

WE love Missionaries

We ask for a video of our missionaries once a month - because we play in our video announcements. Fast Forward to 01:02.

We want to come see you (as in a missions trip to your country IF your ministry needs it -- we don't want to be in your way). 


We tend to latch on to our missionaries. 
We are hard to get rid of. 
We are praying for you.