nursery & Toddlers

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Infant Care

A child's first years are critical to their success in school, relationships, and life. Through activities that foster physical development, social development, and language skills, our infant program lays the foundation for a lifetime of learning. Our spacious classroom provides a secure environment for children to explore their surroundings. Nurturing teachers follow each child's individual schedule and help your little one build trust that will lead to confidence as they grow. Our weekly Bible theme also plants the seed of faith and knowing that GOD IS LOVE!  

Toddler and two year old programs

Our toddler and two year old programs support the independence that develops naturally as your little one begins to find their place in the world. A structured classroom schedule provides consistency that is key to a child's feeling of safety and comfort. 

Students are encouraged to express themselves verbally, use utensils at meal time, and put toys away during clean up. The two year old program is also the typical starting point for potty training. When your child begins to show signs of readiness for toilet training, we will partner with you to ensure continuity between home and school. Our two year olds also get to discover the joy of Friday Chapel held in the sanctuary.