Help! I need Money! 

Yes! We know. There's no glamor in being a missionary.

It's tough. You leave your friends, family, and church.
Yes! We know. You really don't like fundraising. You are called to be a missionary not a "moneynary". 


Steps toward Support

We Support Missionaries Who Do: 

a.) theological education     b.) justice & humanitarian aid
c.) unreached people groups     d.) the Arts (fine art to digital media)


Yes, that's my ministry!
Here's our decision making for Mission's Funding:

STEP 1: 
Do you have a legitimate and validated call to missions?
(Has someone endorsed you as a missionary other than you.)

STEP 2:  
Are you an Assemblies of God Missionary?
(Do you have oversight and accountability.)

Send your strategic plan, idea, concept in a PDF, word, excel, 
something to Pastor Mark Shanks.
(We need to know, that you know what you are doing.) 

Pray we have room in the budget.


The Fine Print

 Pastor Mark Shanks, (Associate Missions Pastor), Xela, Guatemala. 

Pastor Mark Shanks, (Associate Missions Pastor),
Xela, Guatemala. 

Pastor Mark Shanks is your missions contact.

We always meet with missionaries though we don't always support every missionary. If you call the church (scroll down) you are guaranteed a conversation, a coffee or a lunch with a Victory pastor.

You will be referred to Pastor Mark for support.

We do missionary "windows" or you can share in small group on a Wednesday Night but not the entire service. 

We don't do Sunday Morning "windows" or services unless we support you.

WE love Missionaries

We ask for a video of our missionaries once a month - because we play in our video announcements. Fast Forward to 01:02.

We want to come see you (as in a missions trip to your country IF your ministry needs it -- we don't want to be in your way). 


We tend to latch on to our missionaries. 
We are hard to get rid of. 
We are praying for you.