First Saturday a month @ 8-9:15am

VICTORYMEN is not a cheesy “Men’s Ministry”…we don’t have t-shirts, coffee mugs, or take oaths we just work at being VICTORS.  Most Men’s Ministries seem to be based on a ladies tea model – “let’s come and talk about how we feel, share our problems, be vulnerable”...WHAT?  Men, this ain’t Oprah.

VICTORYMEN is made up of real godly men that are police officers, artists, professors, military, business men and business men, did we say business men?

Every quarter we have a Man Event like a Steak & Shoot, TopGolf, Build a House, or a K5 / Bus Pull and whatever idea you come up with.

At VICTORYMEN, we host a monthly breakfast, cut up, laugh, eat, and give you practical tools, and real life skill sets to live by and be the VICTORIAN God has called you to be. AMEN.