What's membership?

Membership at Victory is when you become a Victor! Victors have a say in the how and what happens at Victory. At Victory it means you have made a commitment to invite people to discover Jesus in everyday life. You are part of a growing dynamic intergenerational church. Here at Victory you can start a ministry, serve in leadership and receive some great leadership training. 

We meet several times a year with our Pastor Jamé for two Sundays in a row at 9-9:45am. The first session is an orientation to Victory's history and the Assemblies of God. It also is a time where you can ask all the questions you need or want to ask about Victory, the pastors, the Victors, etc. Our second session addresses the Meaning of Membership in four categories: Secure unity of the church, Share the responsibility of my church, Serve the ministry of the church, and Support the testimony of the church.    

Transition from being a Visitor to a Victor.