Congrats! You're in love! That's great! Let's get married! Wait. First things, first. Victory pastors will not do weddings unless you as a couple have had some form of pre-martial counseling.

Now before you click away, Pre-martial counseling is fun!  We talk about money, sex, families, kids, your new home together, and of course your new Christian walk together. Pastor Jennifer does a great job with that!  So contact us and we'll go over all your dates and expectations. Again Congrats! We love weddings! (Yes, there is a rumor that Jenny does the best wedding chicken dance.)


Well we are sorry, we know you'll miss them. Though we know you'll see them in heaven! We have a great relationship with Claytor Rollins Funeral Home and some flower shops in town. Typically one of our pastors meets with the family and customizes the funeral service for the family. We don't have cookie cutter scripted funerals. They are unique to your family.