Consider Victory as a partner in raising your family. When children are involved, we recognize that it’s not always easy getting your family out the door to church, but we also believe that it’s always worth the effort. To support families some of Victory Groups for families. Click to check out our groups.


We love babies! Every Sunday, we have a nursery that is clean and open. This is where parents can care for babies too young for the Victory Kids Ministry. The nursery is cared for by one of the professional Victory School associates. You can also comfortably feed and change your baby, and nursing mothers have a private space to care for their little ones.


Our VKids Ministry is led by Martha Junghans and her team. She has been involved in children’s ministry her entire adult life and loves kids!

They love children and consider it a gift to be serving the children of Victory. We take great care in presenting Jesus in a way that is fun and relevant (and sometimes a bit silly). During our weekend church services we provide quality, age specific programs with crafts, music, and bible teaching. These are The Little Victors (1-4 years of age) and Victory Kids (Kindergarten – 5th grade).

Parents you can check in your children in foyer, up to a half an hour before each service. One of our friendly Kids Volunteers will check you in electronically and point you to the Victory Kids Church!


So you recently had a baby -- Congratulations! If you would like to dedicate your child to God as part of a special moment in one of our Sunday morning services click over here and we'll schedule it. Also it's important to know that if you want to keep your baby with you in the service -- Pastor Jame has no problem preaching over babies "Amens".


As part of our Victory Groups, we are offer a Parenting Course that we believe will strengthen families as we raise the children entrusted to us. So make sure you check out our groups page.