Discover Houston

As a native Texan, Pastor Jamé is deeply concerned about the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey. Many Victors have friends and family that have been touched by the flood waters of the Gulf Coast. 

Here at Victory we are working toward a three stage approach toward relief and rebuilding to help the effort in Houston and Texas Gulf Coast. We are up for suggestions.

 Pastor Jamé's Hometown of Houston, TX

Pastor Jamé's Hometown of Houston, TX




Here's our Early three stage strategy: 

1.) LOCAL RELATIONSHIPS. Partner with a local congregation in the Houston metroplex for immediate and direct funding into real peoples lives of which Victors have relationships with.  

2.) NATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS. Work with Convoy of Hope to provide emergency relief for the poor and the most vulnerable.

3.) MISSIONS WORK TRIP. Are you interested in a Spring Missions Trip to help rebuild parts of Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast? Let us know.


Sure, I love Tex-Mex food, pending details, I could do a work trip to Houston, TX.