Pastor Jamé Bolds is a Spirit led servant that longs for people to discover Jesus in everyday life (1 Cor 2:9-10, Micah 6:6-8).

As Victory's Lead Pastor he is responsible for teaching God's word, as well as, creating a rich church and community culture. He loves his Victors (those who call Victory Church home) and wants to you to see Jesus move in every part of your life.

He is consumed with helping Victors grow in their Spiritual Formation, Personal Wholeness, Healthy Relationships, Vocational Clarity and their Work & Economics. 

Pastor Jame is a life long student of theology and economics (B.A. Southeastern; M.A., M.A.R. Gordon-Conwell; Harvard; M.P.A.P. Rutgers, Bloustein School) as well as an Ordained Minister in the Assemblies of God.

He celebrate's his wife & children and in his spare time he coach's U13 fútbol for Yorktown FC, enjoys spicy Mexican food and loves taking long weekends with his wife. You can find him at Aromas Coffee Shop on Monday's & Friday's in his prayer study. He thinks out loud online here.


Pastor Jennifer Bolds is passionate about helping families and marriages to be spiritually and emotionally whole -- she is also equally passionate about the worship ministry.  A native of Long Island, Pastor Jennifer comes from a comical Italian family, drives like a New Yorker & embraces the calling of motherhood.

As the Family Care & Worship Pastor she oversees the Victory Groups, counseling and music ministry. She is a professional musician with a talent in singing and playing the piano. She is also a practicing marriage and family therapist as well as a Licensed Minister with the Assemblies of God.

Pastor Jennifer holds the SDI Certification with Personal Strengths (2008, 2017) as a facilitator for managing conflict and improving relationships as well as FOCCUS premarital counseling inventory designed to prepare couples for marriage.

Pastor Jennifer earned a B.A., Southeastern University and an M.A. Counseling (mental health & marriage and family therapy) Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. 


Assoc Pastor (Next Gen) couple.jpg

Are you a children's pastor looking for more? You want to grow but don't know how? Want more responsibility and professional mentoring? More importantly do you love to invite people to discover Jesus in everyday life?  Of course you do! You are a perfect candidate! We can't grow without you.

We are looking for a full-time Next Generation Pastor who has a heart's desire to disciple students from cradle to college (K-12).  Our new NexGen Pastor must be maturehighly organized, and possess an incredible work ethic. You will be the functional associate pastor with quarterly preaching responsibilities. 

Apply to be our new Associate Pastor (NexGen). We'd love to talk to you.

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Associate Discipleship PAstor

Associate Missions PAstor

Pastor Stephenie is a swiss army knife of ministry who finds her niche in discipleship by co-leading Wednesday Night Prayer with Pastor Jamé. She is a Bible teaching machine. She has a unique way of relating the Bible to everyday life as well as a spiritual gift of mentoring.

Pastor Mark is the Victory "outreach champion", responsible for "neighborhood to nations" missions support. So if you are a missionary and we love missionaries, connect with Pastor Mark.  He gets it. Plus you always need someone to pray with and for you. 


Pastor(s) Mark & Stephenie come to Victory as +25 year ministry veterans in the mega church environment. They have had a dizzying array of ministry experience from nursery, to missions, to small groups, and all the people craziness that comes with ministry spanning three continents.  Pastor Mark holds an B.F.A. and Pastor Stephenie an A.A. from Virginia Commonwealth University. They completed the Potomac School of Ministry and are Licensed Ministers with the Assemblies of God.

Katie Mazowieski, Victory School Director

Katie Mazowieski is a hugger. She loves to hug and we like that here at Victory. She is married to James who is convinced he can make the Seniors Golf Tour but has 20 years to qualify.

She comes to us from The Primrose School, Houston, TX where she served as the Assistant Director. She previously served as an Assistant Director & 2 year old teacher in Nashville, TN and worked as a PPK (pedagogical psychological knowledge) teacher in Columbia, SC. 

During her student teaching, she discovered her love for younger learners and never looked back. Katie's heart is that the children at the Victory School feel loved, safe, and important. She loves to see the look on a child's face when they learn something new or accomplish a task they have been struggling with.

Katie is a native of South Carolina and a proud Clemson University graduate.

Rita Fields, CFO & Stewardship

Ms. Rita Fields is our CFO. She's the money czar around here at Victory where she financially keeps us on track. She's a long term Victor and loves the church. She works with Pastor Jamé in financial forecasting and money management in budgeting, fundraising for the Victory Fund. During the day she participates in the management team of moving money around for a Fortune 500 medical equipment company spanning across the commonwealth.


Jennifer "Jenny" Henderson, is a Certified Public Bookkeeper and our business office coordinator. As the official church bean counter she tells us what we can and can't spend money on. When she's not denying payment vouchers, she's the CEO of JLH Consulting, a bookkeeping consultancy, whose mission is to help local firms get financially organized (now you know why she works here!). Formerly she was the founder of Aunt Jenny's Cupcakes where she kept the Peninsula well sugared.